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Discipleship is one of M.L.A.M.’s foundational pillars. It is woven into our organizational fabric. As such, the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) is not just something we believe and teach at M.L.A.M., but also live. The Get Lifted Discipleship Program (GLDP) is the outworking of this commitment.

The Get Lifted Discipleship Program (GLDP) is a one-year training intensive for those who have been called to a higher level of ministry service in the Kingdom of God. The GLDP is designed to provide a faith environment where each disciple submerges themselves in study and application of the Word of the God. The curriculum track is aggressively comprised of:

Virtual Training Classes

(four 10-week semesters)



One-on-One Mentoring (monthly and as needed)


An Eight-day Residency in Orlando, FL (mid-year)


World Missions Service

(each disciple must serve in at least one world missions trip)

Some of the benefits each GLDP disciple will experience upon completion are:

  • A deeper relationship with God through Christ by way of Holy Spirit

  • The spiritual disciplines of daily prayer, study and application of the Word of God

  • The enhanced ability to recognize the Holy Spirit’s leading, guidance, and direction in/for their life

  • Consistent lifestyle habits that lead to a fruitful walk with Christ in words, thoughts and actions

  • Clarity of their God-ordained giftings and Kingdom purpose

Green and Black Illustrated Video Game C

There are only a limited number of spots available for this highly sought-after discipleship opportunity. With this said, each applicant is extensively vetted for their ability to:

Meet the program entrance/graduation requirements

Fully surrender to the Discipleship process

Commit from

Day 1 to Day 365

GLDP requires an investment of time (no less than 21-hours per week), resources (tuition, resource fees and missions trip costs) and a complete dying to self (Luke 9:23-24). It is vital this is understood before signing up, as this program is only for those seriously committed to pursuing God and His calling on their life.

If you are ready to Get Lifted to your next dimension in God’s Kingdom, inquire below.

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