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Real Solutions To Homelessness

Serving others is not just something we talk about at M.L.A.M., but it is the heartbeat of our ministry. More specifically, we have a passion for opening our hands to the poor and reaching our hands to the needy (Proverbs 31:20). Experiencing and overcoming homelessness herself, our Founder, Makeesha, is a real-life testament to what having a strong faith in God through Christ, perseverance, commitment to education and a “will-to-win” can do for you. She uses her story to advocate for and minister to the lives of homeless persons in a way that transforms their lives for the better, both spiritually and in the natural. Having sat on several boards of homeless service organizations within the State of Florida, Makeesha offers a multifaceted perspective that translates to REAL solutions to homelessness both at the community and public service levels.

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Facilitating Life Skills Workshops to Chronically Homeless Persons

Some of the topics covered in Makeesha’s workshops are:

  • Societal Etiquette where you Live, Work and Play

  • Group Fitness and Cooking Classes

  • Budgeting 101: How to Establish and Live on A Budget, Saving Money, Retirement Planning (i.e. 401(k)), Life Insurance, College Planning, Understanding Company Benefits, etc.

  • Education Basics: Getting Your High School Diploma/GED, Continuing Your Education, Pursuing a Higher Degree, Financial Aid Basics, etc.

  • Workforce Readiness: The 5 P's - Preparation, Professionalism, Poise, Passion and Performance

  • Professional Skills Training: Time Management, Basic Computer Skills (Microsoft Office Suite applications), Business Communications, etc.

Service to Homeless Service Organizations


Some of the services M.L.A.M. provides are:


  • Advocate Speaker on Homelessness

  • Board Involvement

  • Strategic Planning Initiatives

  • Marketing Campaigning

  • Task Force Involvement (HUD Funding, Legislative Action at the City, State and National Level and Urban Planning)

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Housing Services to Chronically Homeless Persons


Homelessness empowerment is part of M.L.A.M.’s. Underway and slated for 2024 and beyond is our H.O.M.E. (Helping Other Men, Women and Children Excel in Christ) initiative to provide affordable transitional housing, food, clothing and other life essentials to chronically homeless persons in the Orlando, FL and Jacksonville, FL.

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