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Our Approach to Ministry Leadership Training

This is not the typical retreat that ministry leaders take to get away from life as they know it for a few days to be momentarily motivated. All to return to the demands of life and ministry hopeful, but existentially the same with no real tackle plan in place to keep you accountable or consistent. In a society and culture ridden with countless leadership training courses, seminars and retreats, M.L.A.M. takes a maverick approach to re(trans)forming today’s ministry leader.

M.L.A.M.’s Mount Sinai (Exodus 19) approach to ministry leadership re(trans)formation creates time and space for God to intensively: 1) sever those unhealthy heartstrings causing blockage to your calling and 2) fortify the neglected areas of your life with undistracted study and application of the Word of God. This is not for the faint at heart, and will require a major commitment of your life and resources, but will limitlessly benefit you, your family and those you serve in ministry on earth and in Heaven. This is only for those who desire and are willing to invest the effort to see Christ-centered change in their life and ministry.

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28-Day Ministry Leadership Retreat

(Held Annually)

Some of the areas that will be worked through during the retreat are:


  • Facing the Truth About You

  • Being and Staying YOU in a Fallen World

  • Why Isn’t the Call Enough Anymore?

  • Lust, Pride and Money

  • Relational Matters (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

  • Restoring Your Overall Health (Spirit, Soul and Body)

  • You Are God’s Leader

  • Getting Back to God’s Vision for Your Life and Ministry

God is calling the Body of Christ to Get Back to Him. It starts with YOU – His ministry leader. As a leader of leaders, M.L.A.M. has trained and counseled ministry leaders like you across the globe. As such, we have personally experienced and witnessed in the lives of others how effective this approach to ministry leadership re(trans)formation is. M.L.A.M. is a committed to YOUR spiritual fitness.


God has more for you to experience and accomplish in your Kingdom assignment. Allow M.L.A.M. to get you spiritually fit for the next leg of you race.

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