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Body Conditioning

God gave M.L.A.M. the mandate to condition the Body of Christ (His Church) to spiritual health for His return. One of the primary ways we do this is by offering Bible-based intensive classes to churches around the world. These topical intensive classes are designed to enrich the spiritual lives of lay congregation and ministry leaders alike in varying areas.


The intensive classes M.L.A.M. offers are not the typical lecture-based ‘How To’ style format. Rather, our classes are uniquely structured to fully engage each student spiritually and practically. Each intensive class is taught using a comprehensive topical curriculum comprised of Biblical instruction, workbook (provided by M.L.A.M.) exercises, interactive media, role playing, simulation training, videos and group discussions.

Our intensive classes are offered in the following formats:

Lecture on Religion




21 Teaching Hours 

Modern Conference Room




Half-Day on Saturdays

16 Teaching Hours

Copy of MLAM Bible Study Graphic (4).png



Half-Day on Saturdays

32 Teaching Hours


Copy of MLAM Bible Study Graphic (6).png



Half-Day on Saturdays

48 Teaching Hours


*Instruction Costs do not include travel and curriculum expenses.

Some of the classes M.L.A.M. are offering for 2023-24:

  • Where’s Your Fruit? (An In-Depth Study of the Fruit of the Spirit)

  • Lord, Help My Temper My Tongue!

  • Communicating Like Christ (A Biblical Approach to Communicating Effectively)

  • Single, Not Alone

  • A Queen in His Kingdom (Wifehood, Singleness, Being Femininely Confident in Your Call)

  • Love Him, Love Them (A Modern Day Look at the Two Greatest Commandments)

  • Planning Your Life Like a Boss (Organizing Your Life, Home, Ministry and Business God’s Way)

For the Ministry Leader Who Needs to Get Back to God

Sitting on a Bench

28-Day Retreat

Getting Back to Him

Ministry Leadership Intensive Retreat

(28-Day Retreat)

Are you a ministry leader who is experiencing burnout? Hit a wall in your spiritual health? Become stuck in the rut of ministry routine? And/or find it challenging to isolate God’s voice to receive instruction for your ‘next’? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, M.L.A.M.’s 28-Day Getting Back to Him Intensive Retreat is for YOU. Getting Back to Him was designed to re(trans)form today’s ministry leader back to wholeness (i.e., spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, relationally, financially, etc.) for optimized effectiveness in their Kingdom assignment.

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