Waiting on God

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

*Bible Teaching


Next to suffering, waiting on God is probably the next toughest thing for our flesh to endure in our walks with Christ. It some instances, it may be more challenging. It not enough to undergo the pain of an unpleasant situation, but to add to that, the soul agony of waiting on God to rescue us in His timing and His way. Which 100% are not in the timing or way we would have preferred. If we are honest with ourselves, our flesh does not like to hear about waiting on God. It loves to hear about how God is going to do what our hearts desire. It does not like to hear that sometimes what our hearts desire is not God’s best for us. It loves to hear promises about how God is going to materialize the money, the spouse, the job/business/ministry, the influence, the house, the car, the this, or that. It does not want to hear that while it may be God’s best for us to have some of these things, we must first be prepared to steward them in the way He wills which equates to a time of waiting. I have learned the deeper your roots grow in Christ, the more time you will spend waiting on God in varying ways. It is just part of God’s spiritual process for our lives.