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Lord, Help Me Control of My Tongue! (Pre-Order)

How many times have you said, “I should not have said that, or I could have said that another way”? The truth is, many Christ followers struggle with controlling their tongue in their everyday lives. Maybe you have not quite learned how to respond in love to someone who violates your core values/boundaries. Do you find it challenging to discern when to speak and when to be silent? Or just maybe it is developing the spiritual discipline of, by faith, confessing God’s Word when you are faced with life’s challenges. God’s Word has much to say about how we as Christ followers ought to allow the Holy Spirit to help us control our tongues. With the Bible as our guide, accompanied by simulated real-life examples, this book teaches how to speak when you are standing in faith, delivering hard messages, encouraging others, resolving conflict, and much more. JOIN US on this Holy Spirit-led walkthrough of what God’s Word says about how to communicate in a more Christlike manner.

Lord, Help Me Control of My Tongue! (Pre-Order)

Color: Black
  • Publisher: Wise Builder Publishing

    Language: English

    Paperback Book

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